About me

Jan 3, 1986 22:25 · 230 words · 2 minute read

I am a software developer, with 10+ years of experience working with technologies like Java, Ruby, Go (golang), Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS among others

Throughout my career, I was part of teams of various sizes and participated in the development of software of the most varied types, such as e-commerce sites, financial control systems, among others.

Currently, I work on a software called SuperWifi, created by Nextbit (where I’m a co-founder), that provides an intelligent connection between customers and vendors. This software acts like a Captive Portal and it manages the wifi utilization on locations like shopping centers, bars, restaurants and any other that have a flow of people to generate statistics and targeted campaigns for the public.

Today, SuperWifi counts 7+ million registered users, generating a traffic of over 1 million monthly access.

I’m the main developer of the SuperWifi API, that is a Go app handling all the frontend requests and managing all users data.

I also participated in the development of the SuperWifi Dashboard, a Ruby on Rails application responsible for delivering information to our clients about the use of the wifi in their establishment, as well as managing the E-mail and SMS campaigns.

I always had a huge interest in open source projects, and since 2010 I’ve been contributing creating and maintaining as well helping other projects. My GitHub profile is github.com/ustrajunior.